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[Filtered to those who were on the 00 mission]

I hate to ask...But what happened after Setsuna used TRANS-AM? For some reason, from when it started to when it ended is a giant blank in my mind.
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((People who see Allelujah can notice that there are huge bags under his eyes and looks to have lost a lot of weight.  All thanks to the stay in prison.))

Everyone, thanks for getting me out of there.  It was not a pleasant experience, and definitely one that I didn't want to extend.  Also, could someone get me up to speed with what's been going on?  Anything I know is either from the guards taunting or when they were taking their anger out on me, so it's not much.

[Filtered to Celestial Being members]

Arios. My new Gundam.  How did you manage to build it?  I always thought that Kyrios' remains were picked up by the enemy. 

[Private, unhackable]

Marie....Why? Why would you fight with the A-Laws?  And why don't you remember me?  It must be something similar to what I had with Hallelujah...I promise that somehow I will help you remember, and save you.
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[Private, unhackable]

There has been too much death lately.  Shiro....Lockon....Kira.  There's got to be something I can do to stop it, besides letting Hallelujah take control.

And what are you going to do?  Be a wimp and try to talk to the enemy?  That's the cowards way out. 

If I thought that talking would work, I wouldn't be in Celestial Being....Do you have any ideas?

Heh.  Give me some time and I'm sure to figure something out that even you'll agree to.


So, apparently my roommate has returned.  Duo Maxwell, right?  I think I found something of yours that you left behind from before.
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[Private, filtered]

Damn it!  I wasn't able to do anything for Shiro. Or for Kira.  All because I let Hallelujah take control.

Hey, don't blame me for your shortcomings.  At least I would have gotten revenge.

...At this point I guess it doesn't matter. They both gone.


Everyone who was on the mission, I want to apologize for going off on my own.  I literally wasn't myself.  I...can't explain too much since it's still painful to discuss.  But the short version is that due to an incident when I was younger I have a split personality who takes over when I become too stressed.  He's very bloodthirsty, but I promise that I'll never let him hurt any of you.

[Filtered to Shinji]

Shinji?  I'm sorry.
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I haven't gone out on a mission since I arrived here at the EDF.  While I like not having to fight and kill people, I feel sort of useless. 

If the EDF knew what they were doing, I'd be having a lot more fun.


It's boring to be cooped up for so long.  You should let me out for a little 'fun'. Like letting me have at it with that Ryouma guy or something.

No.  Your idea of fun is to kill someone.  I don't want anyone dying because you're bored, especially someone who's supposed to be an ally.

Come on, what's wrong with killing someone?  Besides, you're fighting in a war.  Death is inevitable in this line of work, so why not have fun while you're doing it?

Even though I'm fighting I'm not like you!  I won't kill because it's fun!

Heh. Aren't you forgetting something, Allelujah?  I am you.  So deep down you must really like killing.


((OOC:  Yes, Allelujah is talking to himself.  Feel free to come across him.  Oh, and anything in italics is in his head.))

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Allelujah Haptism. I pilot the Gundam Kyrios and look forward to working with all of you.

[Filtered to Setsuna, Lockon, and Tieria]
With what happened with the Trinity's, Sumeragi decided it would be best for all of us to be in one place. Since Veda isn't  working, it seemed bettered to use the EDF's resources until they can figure out what's going on.


[Thinking, to Hallelujah so completely unhackable]
Don't go and needlessly attack the people here.

Heh. I claim no responsibility if one of them throws the first punch.